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Investigating Mathematical Modeling, Experiential Learning and Research
Mathematical modeling, in which mathematics is applied to solve real problems, is a mathematical practice, used by mathematicians and specified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The need to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics at the elementary level is well documented. Moreover, very limited attention has been paid to how to teach mathematical modeling in the early grades. The importance of this mathematical practice, in which mathematics is applied to real problems, is recognized in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and is a foundational tool used by all mathematicians. This project will design and deliver professional development for elementary grades mathematics teachers and will result in curriculum modules that focus on mathematical modeling in the elementary grades. The project is based on mathematical modeling as it is practiced in the workforce and will yield research results regarding how teachers learn about and implement the modeling process.

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Project Contributions

New Study Focuses on Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary Grades
"As part of a groundbreaking national study to examine how intensive training can affect elementary school teachers use of mathematical modeling in the classroom, Harvey Mudd College Associate Professor…